Vahti ry (Support group for the welfare of the homeless in Vantaa) was itself formed in the Spring of 2012. This association aims to reach out to the homeless, those who may have been cast aside, underprivileged, be they families or students, disabled or old-people, as well as preventing homelessness and reducing the problems it causes.

This association wishes to inform you about the structural problems in Vantaa, and seeks to have an effect, so that the council members responsible take notice of its drug-/alcoholic-situation and mental health problems, of the living standards for the aged, of those who are seriously ill, have been cast aside, of those who look to survive the cost of living whilst their income is minimal or are in serious debt, and of the overall cost of living and the support monies.

So that this association may make itself better recognized, VAHTI ry looks to organize & promote suitable events, make aware the homeless’ related needs and situation, and pass forward the information which we receive to those in authority as well as others who work alongside us.

We are a political-based group aside being an uncommitted religious group, but you are able to discuss these things with both ourselves.

We are looking to expand our operation, of which we will give further advice at a later date.

We welcome you to investigate our mission!

vahtiyhdistys at
gsm: 045 165 8983